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New York City has recently passed a law which allows police officers to use Clearview, an AI-based surveillance and tracking software. However, it has been reported that the software has been used without the approval of the department. This may be a violation of the law. As such, the city is investigating the use of the system.

NYPD officers may have been using the software without department approval

The New York City Police Department has some of the world’s most sophisticated surveillance equipment. Its x-ray vans and license plate readers are a few of the many ways the department has been able to spy on New Yorkers.

While these technologies may help law enforcement, they are also raising constitutional concerns. For example, a x-ray van can expose an individual to ionizing radiation. Similarly, a license plate reader can provide detailed accounts of a person’s movements.

A facial recognition system can analyze real-time surveillance footage to identify suspects, but the NYPD insists on secrecy about the technology. Likewise, its intelligence database contains the names of thousands of innocent New Yorkers.

Some officers claim that facial recognition systems have not been a boon for the department. They say that they do not recognize any faces that were tagged with a facial recognition tag. Additionally, some of these technologies have made mistakes. One such error is when an automated license plate reader (ALPR) ran against a hot list and gave a false positive. This led to a potentially unsafe police encounter.

Aside from facial recognition, the NYPD has a number of other tools that can help it track people. These include mobile phone tracking devices, automatic license plate readers, and surveillance cameras. In fact, the department has one of the largest surveillance camera networks in the country.

Early investors include Kirenaga Partners and Peter Thiel

Clearview AI is a startup that developed facial recognition software. The company’s technology is used by law enforcement agencies around the world to identify and track people. However, the company is facing investigations from the British and Australian governments for alleged privacy violations. It’s also been the subject of several class-action lawsuits.

Clearview has received substantial investment despite the mounting number of lawsuits. Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and chairman of Palantir Technologies, is one of the early investors. He also serves on the company’s board.

However, Clearview is now being investigated for allegedly stealing personal information. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have issued cease and desist letters to the company. The founders of the startup have declined to name the current round’s investors.

Despite these allegations, Thiel has invested in many other startups. His portfolio includes Scale AI, Rippling and Neuralink. In addition, he has made investments in several European fintech companies.

Meanwhile, Thiel’s Founders Fund is one of the most active venture capital firms. It has invested in 134 rounds in 2021. This is the most rounds it has invested in a single year since 2005. Although the fund remains based in San Francisco, it has also opened an office in Miami.

Thiel’s investment portfolio is fairly evenly divided between businesses that serve consumers and corporate clients. Some of his investments include major social networking sites, while others are targeted at the enterprise.

Legal red lines

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