The hottest thing from the box. Pensioner’s victory and Klitschko’s protest

With 44! Sturm wins comeback

Former boxing world champion Felix Sturm has returned to the ring at the age of 44 – and left it as a winner. Sturm won his comeback against the Turk Sükrü Altay in Stuttgart on Saturday evening unanimously on points, but he had to work hard against the six years younger, clearly more active opponent. Bet with on such interesting fights

For long stretches, Sturm seemed passive and conceded quite also effect punches, after the 53rd professional fight was nevertheless the 43rd victory.

Altay suffered only his third defeat in 18 fights. The light heavyweight fight lasted ten rounds.

Eleven months earlier, in March 2022, Sturm had boxed for the last time after serving a prison sentence. The defeat at that time in the world championship elimination fight against the Hungarian Istvan Szili made him uncomfortable, he did not rule out a career end at first.

However, that soon changed. He was still “one of the best boxers in Germany” and embodied “top international caliber,” he said recently.

However, he considered Altay, who lives in Allgäu, to be a dangerous opponent. And the Turks started offensively, while favorites Sturm initially stood quite securely behind their cover and relied on counterattacks.

Under these circumstances, it was a fight on equal terms until the fourth round, but then Altay pushed Sturm into the corner of the ring from time to time and gained a visual advantage.

Round seven was an open exchange of blows, rounds eight, nine, and ten went rather once again to Sturm.

Russians at the Olympics? What Klitschko says

Former boxing world champion Vitaly Klitschko considers the start of Russian athletes at the 2024 Olympics in Paris possible in case of public condemnation of the war in Ukraine.

“Russians and Belarusians can’t participate if they don’t say ‘no’ to the war,” the Kyiv mayor told AFP news agency Monday. “If they publicly oppose the war, they can participate. But they are afraid.”

“I would be happy to invite Thomas Bach to Ukraine so he can see the destroyed villages and cities for himself. So he can see how many people have been killed. He doesn’t understand,” Klitschko said.

Polish Sports Minister Kamil Bortniczuk had most recently proposed a start for anti-government athletes from Russia and Belarus in the Olympic refugee team. This way could be “a compromise solution” in the discussion about participation in the 2024 Summer Games in Paris and prevent a threatened boycott of other countries.

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