The beginning of the story of “Hemp” is not “Marijuana.”

Let us start with the story of “Hemp.”

From the situation regarding legislation related to plants classified as narcotics, the people cannot carry out production freely. If it is produced or grown without obtaining permission, It can be regarded as an act that must be punished for such acts according to law. It has therefore been raised as a hot topic discussed extensively in the television news—and social media on various issues. Therefore, to create a correct understanding, this can be regarded as the beginning of the adaptation process in many dimensions and leads to the application of plants identified as narcotics and utilized in many areas, not only in the medical field. Therefore, the starting point is to present detailed information about CBD shop, the process of obtaining a license for production licenses for research and others.

Most people generally know the plant called “marijuana” or Marijuana with the scientific name Cannabis indica Lam. Hemp,” or some people understand that Hemp is the younger brother of Marijuana, so as not to confuse these two plants. According to the law, Hemp has been identified or called “Hemp” with the scientific name Cannabis sativa L. classified as a category.

Cannabis and Hemp are plants belonging to the Cannabaceae family and are traditional crops cultivated for millennia in Asia and the Middle East. Moreover, it assumed that The species is distributed in the middle of the continent, including the southern region of Siberia. Persia is North of Kashmir, India and the foothills of the Himalayas, China, before spreading to various places. Cannabis plants were first classified in 1753 by Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist who invented Classify, the names of organisms with modern systems. Moreover, cannabis can be divided into three species: 1) those grown to take advantage of the fibre, with a long trunk2) a species grown for medicinal or recreational uses (Wikipedia, 2019).;

Currently, Thailand organizes “Hemp and marijuana” are narcotics category 5. The Minister of Public Health must permit production, distribution, import, export or possession with the approval of the Narcotics Control Board which is in accordance with Section 26 of the Narcotic Drug Act of 1979 because both “Cannabis and CBD shop” originate from the same plant.

In many countries, Hemp can be grown legally but must control the presence of addictive substances, namely tetrahydrocannabinol. (Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC) within the specified amount. For example, in Canada, the THC drug in Hemp is not more than 0.3%; in European countries, it is not more than 0.2%; in Australia is not more than 0.2%. 0.5-1. For Thailand, it is set not to exceed 1.0 per cent. If, in the future, there is a promotion for farmers to grow Hemp legally, then the classification of “hemp” from “marijuana” is therefore essential.

From past to present

In the past, there have been more reports and confirmations of the various benefits of Hemp. The Ministry of Public Health has therefore granted permission to grow this Hemp. The objective is to promote and support the cultivation of Hemp. Moreover, she was used for the benefit of weaving fibres at the household level. During the trial period, the experimental area was limited to planting in 6 provinces.


CBD was illegal in many countries, but in recent days it is now legal in many countries. CBD shop is legal in Switzerland; you can easily buy CBD products from a shop. CBD products are very much essential for a human, as already proved.

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