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Satori, a startup that aims to offer an alternative to traditional eyewear, has just raised $20 million in a series A round led by B Capital Group and Evolution Equity Partners. The funds will be used to expand the company’s go-to-market operations in the United States and support its product R&D.

Satori raises $20m in series A round led by B Capital Group and Evolution Equity Partners

Satori, a data access platform provider for cloud-based data stores, recently closed on a $20 million series A round, led by B Capital Group and Evolution Equity Partners. The company’s solution helps data teams apply comprehensive controls across different data stores without needing to change data infrastructure or users’ settings.

Its founding team includes former executives from Imperva and Incapsula. They set out to address critical security challenges associated with moving data to the cloud. Their technology allows customers to monitor access to personally identifiable information and to mask sensitive data.

The company’s customers have grown dramatically over the last year. As Karen Page, the VP of product at Satori, says, “The demand for streamlined operations is high, and our customers are a testament to our value.”

The Satori platform provides holistic visibility and streamlined, real-time access to a data store. It enables customers to control policies-as-code and to monitor access to personally identifiable information. The solution also keeps a universal audit of data access.

With its funding, Satori will be able to strengthen its go-to-market team. They plan to invest in product R&D and to expand their sales and marketing operations in the U.S.

While SV has invested in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biotech companies, half of its money has been allocated to therapeutics. They are active in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Satori to use funds to support product R&D

Satori has recently secured $20 million in Series A funding from YL Ventures, Evolution Equity Partners, and B Capital Group. The company plans to use the funds to support product R&D.

Satori is the creator of the first DataSecOps platform. Designed for organizations that collect sensitive data, the platform streamlines data access by automating security and compliance. It provides single control plane for data access, usage oversight, and inventory. By applying controls across data stacks, the platform helps businesses reduce risk and increase business agility.

The Satori Security policy engine implements dynamic masking, filtering, and access control. Using data-driven insights and analyst insight, it protects an organization’s commercial and compliance interests while granting access to individual users and groups with appropriate permissions.

Satori also provides a platform for monitoring database queries, analyzing database results, and classifying data in motion. Several out-of-box integrations with industry leading data stores such as Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, and Microsoft Azure SQL allow data teams to apply these controls across the organization.

For example, the Satori security policy engine monitors database queries and keeps a record of the results. The company has also successfully taken down ICEBUCKET, a botnet which disrupted the internet.

Satori has also been recognized as a top ten finalist at the 2021 RSAC Innovation Sandbox contest. Their slick new platform was lauded for its data-centric capabilities and was considered an impressive feat of technological engineering.

Satori plans to expand go-to-market operations in the U.S.

Satori is a provider of data access and security. This cloud-based software aims to make the management of data a breeze. It helps organizations to accelerate their data use. The company’s offerings include a self-service data access service for analytics environments.

Satori has also raised $20 million in a series A round led by Evolution Equity Partners and B Capital Group. These funds will help the company expand its go-to-market operations in the U.S., and further its product R&D. In addition to the company’s data access and security offerings, it plans to enter into strategic partnerships.

According to the company, its solution is able to provide the most granular and comprehensive controls available, across any data store in the cloud. It also has the capability to mask sensitive data, thereby preventing unauthorized access.

One of the key features of the Satori solution is its ability to automate data access policy management. As such, it can help an organization ensure that they are complying with a wide range of regulations, including GDPR. Furthermore, it allows them to create a comprehensive set of policies-as-code, giving them the flexibility to easily adapt to changing circumstances.

The company has a number of other offerings to choose from, such as data inventory and dashboards, and a streamlined backend that automatically monitors and maintains data quality. They also offer a no-code data security solution that decouples security from data, making it easier for companies to achieve data privacy and analytics.

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