liposuction surgery is a shortcut surgery for obese people who want to be slim

First of all, I would like to introduce that Surgery now, we will see promotions of beauty clinics, whether it’s discount, exchange, giveaway, and what we see. until we get used to it is a picture of a good looking woman.

For those considering liposuction as a means to achieve a slimmer figure, it’s important to find an experienced and reputable plastic surgeon who can perform the procedure safely and effectively, such as Jim Brantner MD liposuction procedure

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 Along with the invitation to lose 3 kg *mo in 1 week, recently a patient came to consult about liposuction with Vaser Liposelection because he wanted to lose weight. which from the physical examination found that the patient was overweight than the actual standard (BMI calculated from height The unit is meters squared and then divided by the body weight in kilograms), which is less than 20 considered skinny and over 25 considered fat, but this criterion is more suitable for Europeans. If an Asian person is about 17-20, it should be called. That the figure is good. The patient first said that if the patient is overweight or obese, reducing fat by liposuction or pumping fat is not suitable for sure. The patient must first understand that Liposuction or pumping of fat with a Weser machine. That is not to lose weight, but to solve the problem of shape (Body Contour) or shape rather than an example. For example, patients with normal body weight but having large thighs, sagging upper arms, large hips, or a large belly from fat. Which, regardless of whether to lose weight by any means, can not get the desired shape worddocx.

Therefore, the most effective weight loss is low Intake, High Output, eat less or eat creatively. By eating nutritious food and controlling calories per day not to exceed 2,000-2,500 kilocalories (Kcal), exercise more than what is said to be simply called having to exercise more than 3,000-4,000 kcal. calorie per day when the weight has come down to the threshold But the patient still has excess left. Therefore, it will be appropriate to use when reading up to here many.

   * Vaser Liposelection is a liposuction machine. Using ultrasonic energy waves (Ultrasonic) to break down fat with ultrasonic waves. will choose to dissolve or dissolve only fat tissue without causing damage to other tissues in the position that wants liposuction. Which part of the body is suitable for? The position of the body that is suitable for using the liposuction method. Weser machines include:

  1. Thighs, especially the outer thighs, front and back (for the inside, personally, the writer will choose to use a normal liposuction method rather than because such areas are considered a position that requires special care)
  2. Upper arms around the breasts and hips
  3. Abdomen, if it is lower than the navel of the Vaser Work comfortably, no problem, but overall, for this area, the doctor must first assess whether the patient has a bloated belly or not, or only fat because Sometimes the patient has a bloated abdomen which is more suitable for abdominoplasty than for other areas. In addition to the above, it must be evaluated and selected on a case by case basis. Now let’s take a look at some of the conversations the writers have with their patients. (“Writer that the patient He asked very well)
  4. So how is Vaser Liposelection good? Why is it different from other Surgery methods for liposuction?

A : Vaser Liposelection It is the release of ultrasound waves to crash. Fat cells burst with the inductor are water So when we put the Probe of the Weser’s (Looks like a steel pipe, about 1 foot long, at the end of the iron pipe there is a wave emitter) into the body. It will choose to destroy only the fat cells to break down. without damaging nearby tissues Therefore, bruising is rarely found as much as conventional liposuction. But certify that the blood will definitely not be more or less.

Q : After sucking, can I get fat again or not? Liposuction with Vaser Will it be permanent or not?

A : It would have to explain a long story about fat cells (Adipose Cells). We must first know that when we are born, there will be The number of fat cells is almost the same for everyone but in size. (Cell capacity) are not the same for each person. Therefore, when liposuction, whether using any method However, the number of fat cells will surely decrease. But if we don’t take care of ourselves and continue to eat large quantities of food. As before, it can make us fat again. because the remaining fat cells are able to expand (inflate)

Q: Then why is this person fat and thin? Why does this person eat a lot and not get fat? But we eat a little and then get fat?

A : The number of fat cells can increase both in size and number. From birth to 3 years, after that, only the size, but not the number. Therefore, if someone is obese as a child, chances of becoming obese easily exist. more because the number of fat cells is greater and can expand more

Q : Then why didn’t the doctor smoke all my fat? Why did the doctor leave it to raise my fever?

A : We can’t completely do liposuction. Because fat is useful, it is important to store energy for our bodies when they need it. In addition, the superficial layer of fat is very important in protecting our skin layer. Therefore, in liposuction we often have to Keep this superficial fat layer. In addition, if we do liposuction in the superficial layer too much, it will make our outer skin rough. Some are uneven, some are undulating.

Q : Doctor, do you suck fat from my belly? Then the doctor put it on the chest. Can you see what other places do it?

A : This one needs a long explanation. The first thing that patients need to know is Liposuction with Vaser The yellow juice that was sucked out no longer had the properties of fat cells. because ultrasound waves coming out of the tip Weaver’s needle Will cause the cells to die by Emulsion method, causing the fat cells to dissolve, so if we remove the yellow water (Writers would like to call it fat sludge) to inject into our breasts is no different from injecting normal saline. to the breast, meaning that the breasts that have been injected will actually grow But it will disappear in no more than 1-2 weeks, but what’s worse is the fat residue that has been sucked out. Some will not completely disintegrate. but will die and become a lump at the injection site which for women If you feel a lump in your chest, it’s dangerous for everyone. At least a breast cancer screening test is required. Or many times, even if you don’t feel a lump, but if doing a mammogram (Mammogram, diagnostic radiology in the examination of tumors to the breast meat) may detect the appearance of Micro Calcify (caused from dead fat residues with small calcium island) on the breast, which can confuse the radiologist with the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Even now, there is a method called CAL (Cell-assisted Lipotransfer) in which fat cells are transferred from the liposuction area to the chest. to reduce the death rate of fat cells But the amount of fat injected is a small amount (about 100-150 cc can be injected) not suitable for the needs of many people breast augmentation and most patients who want to augment the breasts are usually small, thin, not fat in the belly. How much each other is called to find fat to absorb almost none (Skinny people tend to be very thin, but fat people tend to have rather large breasts.)“The conclusion of this article must be said that even when we travel long distances to any place We want to find shortcuts because they save time, but shortcuts are often complicated, difficult to travel, roads may be bad. The important thing is that if the car breaks down in the shortcut, there are almost no cars passing through to help. You have to wait so long that you may have to walk out of a shortcut to come out onto the main road and find someone to help with liposuction. But it is more dangerous than other methods as well.

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