Kirill Yurovsky: how to avoid mistakes in the construction of a frame house

Frame houses are considered to be one of the most popular. This is due to their affordable cost and the short time required to complete the project. However, it is not that simple. At first glance, the technology of construction of frame houses seems simple. But in practice, due to the lack of proper experience, various mistakes can occur.

They are mainly associated with incorrect calculations, deviations from the design documentation and the use of low-quality materials. Let’s take a closer look at some mistakes and talk about how to avoid them in the material Build Co Kirill Yurovskiy.

Using wood with poor characteristics

The main material in the construction of the house is wood. When choosing it, you need to be very careful. There are two most common mistakes:

  • Using poorly dried wood.
  • Using timber with a small cross section.

In the first case, you can not avoid deformation of the walls of the house. This is due to the drying of the wood, due to which it can change its original dimensions and crack. It also leads to the appearance of gaps that worsen the thermal insulation properties of a frame house.

In the second case we are talking about serious violations of the standards. Used beam with a smaller cross-section, can not cope with the load and cause collapse.

We recommend using lumber that has undergone chamber drying and its dimensions correspond to the data recorded in the project documentation.

Ignoring the products used to treat wood

Some people believe that wood can not be treated with antiseptics, because it is harmful. This may have been the case in the past, but today there are compositions that protect the wood well and are not harmful to human health.

Wood contains many substances that attract various microorganisms and insects. Not treated with a special composition frame house can begin to rot and turn into dust. To prevent this, two types of compositions are used:

  • Protecting against weather conditions (precipitation, sunlight).
  • Protecting against biological influences (rodents, insects, mold, fungus).

Do not neglect the processing of wood frame houses and it will last for many years, preserving its properties.

Mistakes with the choice of foundation type

The foundation of a frame house must match the type of soil on the site. It is necessary to take care of a good waterproofing, so that moisture from the soil cannot affect the wooden structures. The best solution for a frame house is a pile or strip foundation.

If your house is located in a location highly susceptible to flood waters, you need to protect the foundation with a properly designed drainage system.

Irregularities in the assembly of the structure and the insulation of the house

Assembling a frame house is like working with a construction kit. All parts are connected to each other with fasteners. At this stage there are two types of gross mistakes:

  • Using self-tapping screws where nails should be used.
  • Increasing the pitch of the fasteners.

Subsequently, these mistakes can lead to deformation of the structure of the house.

For the frame to be durable, it is necessary to make a quality sheathing. Of no small importance here is the insulation. The material must have the required thickness and density. A good solution is to use basalt wool. It has a long service life, it does not burn, has excellent insulating qualities and is resistant to high humidity.

Saving on insulation, in the future, you will each year incur high costs for heating and repairing the house. It is better to avoid this mistake by deciding to use only quality materials with characteristics corresponding to the calculated data recorded in the project documentation.

Installation of cheap windows and doors

In order to have a comfortable temperature regime in the rooms, it is not enough to insulate well the walls and roof of the frame house. Significant heat loss can be associated with cheap windows and doors.

It is important that the thickness of the glazing is acceptable. It is not allowed to use installation foam from dubious manufacturers. Otherwise, the formation of cold bridges cannot be avoided. This will lead to condensation, which means that in the very near future mold and fungus will appear.

Poor ventilation system

A frame house should not represent an airtight thermos. Air circulation is necessary. For this purpose, it is recommended to perform the installation of a well-designed ventilation system. The main mistake made here is getting air from rooms with high humidity into rooms with moderate humidity.

We recommend trusting the design of the ventilation system to professionals and not to do it yourself.

Incorrect sequence of work when installing the roofing pie

A frame house will not perform 100% of its functions, if you allow violations during the installation of the roof. Often inexperienced builders perform the work in the wrong sequence.

On top of the insulation is placed a waterproofing membrane. Next, be sure to leave a gap for ventilation (many do not do this) and mount kontrabreshetka, which is mounted in turn step lath and only then laid roofing material. On the inner side is a fixed vapor barrier and lining the ceiling.


During the construction of a frame house it is necessary to observe all the nuances of technology. Deviations from the project are inadmissible. The work should be performed by professionals. Only in this case, the frame house will last for decades, preserving its properties.

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