Interesting Facts About Casinos: What Tricks Do Casino Managers Use to Make More Money?

The fascinating world of gambling from Hollywood movies is covered with a flair of wealth and the brilliance of incessant fun.

Of course, this picture is the result of the work of marketers and psychologists – after all, the purpose of the casino is to bring profit to its owners, and for this, it is necessary to create an attractive picture of wealth, luxury, and luck and luck accompanying them.

But behind all this brilliance there are interesting and non-obvious facts that reveal the casino industry from a qualitatively different side.

Tricky Casino Tricks

You will never find a watch in a casino. This is done so that visitors do not get distracted from the game and get involved in the gameplay deeper and deeper. Even though everyone has mobile phones today, this tactic still takes place. For the same reason, there are no windows in the casino so the player does not understand how much time he spent there.

Another “trick” of the casino that makes you not get bored and be active is the addition of pure oxygen to the air, which makes you more cheerful and less tired. And so that a person does not get distracted from the gaming tables and does not nod off – there are always colorful carpets in the casino, which are difficult to look at.

Well, if you managed to win chips at the casino, then to exchange them at the cash desk you will have to go through all the corners of the casino, meeting a lot of tempting “entertainment” along the way – everything so that the player does not leave the institution with money, for the same reason there will be an ATM at every corner. And in some cases, if you win, you will even be offered a hotel room at the casino and a free dinner – try to resist and not try your luck again.

Bans Yourself From Playing at the Casino

Some players suffer so much from a gambling addiction that in the USA there is a right to forbid one from playing in a casino. No matter how funny it may sound, it looks like adding yourself to the list of people who are not allowed into the casino. This is possible for a year, five years, or forever. It is impossible to cancel the decision, so you should think well before doing it.

Players Don’t Go to the Toilet

This artificial involvement has been honed so well over the years that it draws. That some players into the game and the dependence on winning so much that they literally can’t tear themselves away, even to go to the toilet. Some are forced to wear adult diapers, and the most desperate even neglect the restroom – there have been cases of complaints from visitors about wet chairs at the “slot machines” and even damage to the slot machines themselves.

The casino uses a lot of tricks to suck more money out of the players.

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