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If you have a health issue, HealthTap is an affordable option that provides on-demand access to doctors. The service is available 24/7 and has a large network across the world.

It offers texting, video appointments, and urgent care visits. It also has a doctor-trained chatbot that can help with medical questions.

Access to a doctor anytime

HealthTap offers members 24/7 access to a large network of qualified doctors, dentists and clinical psychologists. These physicians can answer health questions, write prescriptions and provide referrals to specialists.

The company’s app lets members consult with doctors online from any device, in real time. They can schedule appointments, submit written questions and read reviews from verified patients.

They can also consult with doctors via video chat or text message. They’ll be matched with a doctor that best fits their symptoms and needs.

Their AI system triages their symptoms and provides guidance before the consultation begins. It identifies a number of potential causes and recommends treatment options, including referrals to a doctor.

HealthTap’s network of doctors includes more than 90,000 physicians in 147 specialty fields who volunteer their expertise to help members and other users. They can also issue prescriptions to members at pharmacies of their choice.

24/7 care

HealthTap aims to bring affordable care to every individual’s fingertips. Its proprietary technology and network of certified doctors help members receive real-time, individualized medical information and connect them to the right doctor at the right time.

Founded in 2010, the company offers upfront pricing for appointments with board-certified doctors who can diagnose, prescribe medication, order lab tests and give referral recommendations. It also accepts many insurance plans.

The telehealth service also offers 24/7 urgent and primary care to both children and adults, with an average wait time of less than one minute. Its basic subscription plan costs $15 per month.

Personalized treatment plan

HealthTap aims to bring affordable, quality care to anyone who needs it. This is done by directing people to peer-reviewed, individualized health information and connecting them to a doctor as quickly as possible.

In addition, HealthTap offers a free service where users can ask questions and get answers from doctors. These answers can help you decide whether or not it is necessary to see a doctor, and they can also answer your questions regarding a diagnosis.

HealthTap works with thousands of volunteer doctors who provide free medical answers to patients online and through mobile apps. These physicians are vetted and approved through rigorous background checks. They also receive a free virtual practice from which they can lead the online health conversation and create quality content.


In addition to providing online consultations with board-certified doctors, HealthTap Prime also offers prescription discounts. This is an important benefit, as half of US residents take prescription drugs and those drugs cost 2.5 times more than in other Western countries, according to a new report from the CDC.

Doctors on HealthTap can write prescriptions for members and send them to local pharmacies or directly to their homes. They can also order lab tests and refer patients to specialists.

In addition, doctors in the HealthTap network are known both locally and nationally for their medical expertise. They are trained in and practice at top institutions and have been published in leading medical journals.

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