FreshersLive – A Popular Job Board For Freshers

If you are a fresher, you should join Fresherslive – a popular job board for freshers. It’s not easy to find a job in today’s job market. FreshersLIVE makes the process of job hunting simple and convenient. You can browse and apply for jobs on any of the top job boards, including Monster and Indeed. Then, you can focus on finding a job that best suits your skills and interests.


FreshersLIVE is a popular job site in India that allows freshers to apply for jobs. There are thousands of job openings listed on the website and a user can search for one that interests them and submit their application. It also offers tips for interview preparation. The website also allows users to search by category for jobs and apply directly through the website. The app can be downloaded and used as a job search tool in the future.

Advertising on fresherslive is an effective way to reach the site’s 9.5 million unique visitors. Fresherslive is accessible across the desktop and mobile web in India, the United States, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It offers CPM on all channels including email, display, and mobile advertising. Fresherslive can also target audiences in the following industries: Healthcare, Education, Financial Services, and Non-Profit.


Indeed is a popular job search engine that allows you to browse job listings in every industry, level, and lifestyle. It helps companies connect with job seekers and screen them, as well as organize candidate pools. Indeed also has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to search for the perfect position. Here are some of its top benefits:

First, Indeed is free to use. By searching for a job title or location, Indeed provides instant results from thousands of company career pages. Once you find your ideal job, you can also create a profile and apply. Indeed is much more than a job board though. This site is free to use, and it allows job seekers to search for positions they’re interested in, including internships postinghub. The job search engine is a powerful tool for freshers and experienced professionals alike.

The Indeed parent company has a variety of job sites, but its most popular service is its extensive database of jobs. The site is used by millions of people every month. Indeed also has the largest hiring pool, with over 130 million job listings. Indeed is also owned by Glassdoor, which means that if your job posting is not listed on Indeed, it’ll show up on other job websites and reach job seekers who wouldn’t normally use Indeed thoptvnews.


If you are a fresher or a graduate looking for a new job, you should use Fresherslive as a resource. Its job board has a large number of job openings across a variety of categories. For example, you can find software jobs, teaching jobs, research jobs, consulting jobs, and more. You can even subscribe to free job alerts and manage them yourself.

This website claims to rank under the top 600 jobs websites in India. FreshersLIVE boasts over 100,000 registered users. The company also boasts 2,800,000 Facebook fans. FreshersLIVE also uses Facebook to alert its users of job opportunities. Its website receives more than 200,000 visitors daily. Despite the fact that FreshersLIVE is not a job site, it is a great resource for freshers looking for employment magazinemania.

Like many other job sites, FreshersLive offers daily quizzes, a specialized IT section, and HR sections. You can search through different job openings on FreshersLive and apply online. FreshersLive has many job openings across industries, so if you are looking for a mid-level or entry-level position, Monster is the way to go. Freshers can also search for international jobs on Monster.


Located in Mumbai, India, FreshersLIVE is one of the leading job portals in the country. The website lists thousands of job openings in a variety of industries and fields. The job listings on the site can be browsed by interested parties and if a suitable opportunity is found, it can be applied directly from the site. FreshersLIVE also offers study material for competitive exams. The site’s 50,000+ users can attest to the accuracy of the content newsbench.

As a conclusion

Similar to JobMatch, FreshersLive allows users to search for HR and IT jobs. The site offers a variety of job listings and you can apply online to any of them. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be contacted by a recruiter shortly newsstock. If you’re interested in advertising on FreshersLive, you’ll be able to reach 9.5 million unique visitors per month across desktop and mobile web. Interested in reaching a diverse audience? Advertising on FreshersLive includes Display, Email, Mobile, and Social. You can target various industries including Non-Profit, Healthcare, Financial Services, Education, and Consumer Packaged Goods.

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