Find Out Who Called You: The Top 3 Ways to Identify Unknown Callers

Calls from unknown numbers or blocked caller IDs can be bothersome and worrisome. It can give you an emotionally challenging time, especially when expecting an important call. You don’t want to waste your time talking to someone looking to scam you, but you don’t want to miss that important client. The solution to this problem is to unmask the covering of anonymity shrouding that number – and that has become very easy today.

Unlike before, when you have to wait until the caller identifies themselves, there are diverse ways to find out who called you. In this article, we want to identify the top three most effective ways to identify an unknown caller. Whether or not they eventually identify themselves, you will have all the information about them that you need.

The Difference Between an Unknown Caller and a Blocked ID

The spam calls you receive can be from a number you have never seen before that’s an unknown caller. Or it can be from someone who blocked their caller ID: that’s a blocked ID. The only similarity between these two is that you do not know who is calling, but they are two distinct things.

Someone calling without a caller ID means they intentionally hid their caller ID from you. These could be prank calls from strangers or someone you know trying to be funny. On the other hand, an unknown caller has a caller ID; you just have never seen the number before.

The good news is that whether the ID is revealed or not, there are ways you can find out your caller’s identity. There are now services like WhoCallMe, for instance, that can help you identify unknown callers in a few simple steps.

The Top 3 Ways to Identify Those Unknown Callers Disturbing You

There are more than three ways to find out who called you with an unknown number or blocked ID. But, in this article, we will only discuss the simplest and most effective. With that said, below are the top three ways to identify those unknown callers harassing you and wasting your time.

  • Use Reverse Phone Search Services

The number one method on this list of identifying unknown callers is using a reverse phone search tool. Reverse phone search services are sites or apps that allow you to do a reverse search on phone numbers. They feature a search bar where you type in the unknown number and search a huge database to find information about the caller.

An excellent example of these services is WhoCallMe, which has the US phone number directory with popular US phone numbers and US area codes. The search method is straightforward, not requiring that you provide any personal information or even register on the platform. 

Simply input the phone number harassing you with calls into the search box and click the “search” icon. Then, wait a few minutes as the site’s algorithm searches a vast number of public records for information on the number.

You can discover a wide range of information using this service, including the caller’s name and address. You can get their email address, residential address, work address, and other phone numbers they may have. 

If you search even further, you can uncover background information concerning them, including educational, criminal, and marital records. Using a reverse phone number search tool is undoubtedly the most effective method for finding out who called you.

  • Call Your Phone Company

Another way you can identify who called you from a blocked ID or unknown number is by contacting your phone company. They have the tools to help you identify your caller as the caller ID of the numbers calling you are at their disposal. Therefore, if you feel threatened by the caller or they’re simply calling you too much (harassing you), you can contact them. This method is less effective than the first because the phone company is under certain legal restrictions.

For instance, while you can discover the caller’s background information using a reverse phone search tool, your phone company cannot reveal such information. They are prevented by law from revealing personal information regarding their registered users to other users. 

However, they are obligated to release the information if you are being harassed or your life is being threatened. Therefore, provided you can prove that you are being harassed or threatened, they can release the caller’s personal information.

This method is highly effective because you will likely obtain the most up-to-date information about the caller. The only challenge is that you need the assistance of relevant law enforcement agencies to obtain the information.

  • Dial *57

Another quick method for finding out who called you is dialing *57 immediately after receiving the call. As soon as the call drops, dial the code on your cell phone; it’ll send an immediate request to your service provider. The request is to trace the previous caller’s number, for which, if successful, you will receive a confirmation sound or beep. However, if the search is unsuccessful, you will get an error beep; this depends on your phone company.

This method is one of the earliest methods of identifying unknown callers and is still quite effective though limited. The *57 service is the Malicious Caller Identification Service (MCIS), a paid service all major service providers offer. This method is better used if you are not interested in knowing much about your unknown caller. Perhaps they are calling for the first time, and you want to know who they are.


So, there you have it: the top three ways to identify unknown callers, whether they hid their caller ID or not. Rather than rack your brain trying to figure out if you’ve seen the number before, use any of these methods. We particularly prefer the reverse phone search method using WhoCallMe because it is faster, free, and more effective. The information you can get from reverse phone number search services makes the search more worth it.

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