Concrete Pump Hire in Aylesbury

concrete pump hire aylesbury is a convenient service that can be used in a wide range of construction jobs. They are available in both boom and line forms. The pumps can be fitted to different types of construction equipment, such as concrete trucks, conveyors, and booms.

Boom pumps

Boom pumps are a great way to pour concrete in difficult to reach areas. They can reach over walls and yards, and they are also capable of churning out large quantities of concrete at high speeds.

These types of pumps are usually mounted on trucks or trailers. They are equipped with hydraulic stabiliser feet that make it easy to position the pump.

Boom pumps are particularly useful in a lot of situations, especially when the project involves pumping concrete to a very tall structure or a building. For example, they can lift concrete to the upper floors of a house, or to a building’s roof.

While boom pumps are more expensive than their line counterparts, they provide a number of benefits. One of the best is the fact that they can pour concrete in the most efficient manner.

Line pumps

Line pumps are more versatile than boom pumps. While they aren’t as fast, line pumps do offer more flexibility and savings. They’re ideal for small and mid-sized jobs.

The best part is that they work well in a variety of construction applications. They’re also a good option for residential projects. In fact, they’re often used to pave over driveways and other areas.

If you’re looking to hire a concrete pump in Aylesbury, the Easy Pumps team can help. We’ve got a large fleet of concrete pumps to choose from. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for concrete for a driveway or a contractor wanting to pour a highway overpass, we can get the job done quickly.

For larger commercial and residential jobs, you might want to use a boom concrete pump. Boom pumps have a long arm that reaches out of the air. This means you can get to places that are harder to reach with a concrete mixer.

Conveyor trucks

There are several ways to pour concrete and one of the more popular methods is using a concrete pump. The company you work with should be able to advise you on how to go about it and can even help you out if you are having trouble. However, if you are looking for a cheap and easy way to have a concrete pour, there is a lesser known but effective alternative.

A conveyor truck, for example, can haul up to three yards of wet concrete with ease. They are cheaper than the pump and can drive close to the foundation. You can also use a similar truck to transport mortar, grout and shotcrete.

Using a conveyor can save you the time and hassle of carrying the slurry around in wheelbarrows. This is especially true if your driveway is sloping.

Pre-operational and routine inspections

When you hire concrete pumps for construction work, you must make sure to perform pre-operational and routine inspections to keep your equipment in good condition. Performing regular maintenance on your machinery will help to reduce breakdowns and prolong the lifespan of your pumps.

Pre-operational checks include checking the pumps, air tanks, air lines and other elements. Routine checks include checking the oil in the drive axles and truck diesel, as well as checking the wash box for grout and gas pressure. You should also check the turret, the slack adjusters, the radiator, and the air lines.

You should also obtain an annual certificate from the pump company to demonstrate that the equipment is in good working order. Having a certification can help you protect your investment, as well as your health and safety.

Suitable for a wide range of construction applications

If you are the owner of a construction site, you are probably in a quandary over which type of material to use for your next project. While concrete is a durable choice, it isn’t necessarily the best choice for every job. On the other hand, steel is an excellent material for a wide variety of applications. Besides, it is durable, and relatively inexpensive. So why not use a mixture of both?

There are many factors to consider when deciding what to build, but the benefits of using a mixture of both should be considered. For example, if you use steel for your foundation and concrete for the rest, you are ensuring that both of these are well-suited for the job. Additionally, you will save money and headaches in the long run, and you will end up with a high quality final product howitstart

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