4 benefits of using an online shared timetable

New year, new you? A calendar is a common sight in any household, irrespective of where you are from, or exactly what timeline you follow. You may be using it for a wide variety of things- to track down the number of days till the end of the school year, to remind you of a friend’s birthday or to plan out projects for your future self. But across the ages, just like all other things that we see around us, the calendar has undergone a makeover. While many still use wall-hanging calendars or even those desk-top flip-style calendars, the newer generations have been swept up with its latest format, the online calendar. 

In a day and age when using technological tools has become the norm, it comes as no surprise that every institution, including both educational houses and corporate workplaces, uses these tools to increase their efficiency. But how exactly does using a timetable maker online benefit you? Keep reading to know more. 

Access from multiple devices

Look around you. How many electronic gadgets do you see? Yes, almost all of us carry around more than just a phone, either a laptop, tablet or just another phone. Given the variety of devices we use, why should you restrict your access to the calendar to just one? 

With an online calendar providing ease of access from multiple devices, it not only ensures that multiple individuals can log in and make changes but also benefits you to access the timetable maker from different devices as and when convenient.

Block away parts of your schedule

Remember that one task you have been putting off for days? A major problem that arises when you deal with the backlog is the arrival of new work, which needs to be attended to first. Yet, it is equally important and effective to finish all your backlog at once rather than jumping back and forth between tasks.

An online timetable helps you to block away parts of your schedule so that you can inform others that you are busy even when no new work has been assigned to you. Being able to focus on the task at hand raises your productivity and helps you finish faster. Blocking parts of your schedule is also effective when you have some urgent matter to attend to and would like to keep away teammates from contacting you and breaking your concentration. Just one glimpse at the calendar beforehand ensures freedom from all these worries.

Share the workload

Your team has just landed a big project and the deadline is pretty tight. Rather than trying to take up the entire task by yourself, you can assign parts of it to other members of your team, thus increasing efficiency as well as providing a learning experience for all to share in. 

A timetable maker can help you share the workload by letting you check for those whose schedules are free. Teammates can also inspect among themselves to check if the distribution of the workload is equal and discuss with the people involved in the steps of the process before and after theirs. 

Set up reminders

In a busy workplace, there are bound to be several projects going on at once. Don’t forget to include meetings, important calls and other events that cannot be delayed. A lack of communication in such scenarios can bring disastrous results and hamper not only productivity but also the morale of your team.

Using an online shareable calendar can prevent such situations, by allowing you to communicate with your teammates from anywhere, anytime. By allowing for constant reminders and updates from the online calendar of your choice, it becomes easier to account for all events in and around your 9-5 hours of occupation. Now there is no need to make plans only to have them be cancelled at the last minute because you mismanaged your schedule.


Using a multiple-user-friendly timetable maker online is the one-stop-shop solution to capitalizing on your hidden efficiency and thus maximizing your potential. So, what are you waiting for? With a world of resources available online, it is time you start looking for the one you want today!

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